Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blogging about Not Blogging: Rethinking Staff Priorities

As some of you know, I work for a library system that has gone through a lot of changes lately. We've had staffing reductions, and an overall lowering of service offerings. What this has meant for both my blog and for my daily work environment is that I have become a "back-to-basics" librarian.

During the last two weeks, I've spent much of my time shelving books, ordering materials, working the reference desk, as well as coordinating with my manager and other staff members to rethink scheduling. This has meant that although I'm still teaching some one-on-one sessions, I have been doing it more infrequently. Additionally, due to changing staff needs, the sessions will more than likely be ending.

I will have to think a bit about what that means for this blog, as well as how this will affect our library patrons.

If anyone is out there reading this, I hope to keep blogging. I'm just going to have to ride out this wave unknowns for a little bit longer.

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